About the P&C 

The Kallangur State School Parents and Citizens Association is an inclusive, voluntary, not-for-profit, organization affiliated directly with the school.  Operating under its Constitution, the P&C represents adults from the community, especially the parents and guardians of students at the school to promote the interests and facilitate the development and further improvement of Kallangur State School.
The P&C works closely with the Principal, providing supplemental income to the school by way of business initiatives and fundraising activities held throughout each school year, and actively assisting the school with the numerous projects through its voluntary resources. 


The Kallangur State School P&C Executive has a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The P&C sub-committees have been formed so that the P&C in whole can deliver on those commitments above.  The Principal is also a member of the P&C.

The P&C conducts general meetings. These occur on the third Monday of a meeting month at 6:30pm in the School Library, where important issues are put forward, discussed, and then voted upon.  Your attendance is always welcomed.

Meeting dates can be found in the events calendar.

P&C executive

The P & C Executive is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting held typically in February. Executive nominations can be made by completing an Executive nomination form and dropping it into the office. The Kallangur State School P & C adheres to the Queensland Council of Parents & Citizens Association (QCPCA) guidelines.

Executive members may be contacted via email, through the school or by attending a P&C meeting.  All parents and interested members of the community are welcome to attend these meetings.

You can access the P&C minutes via the links the below link or through Forms and documents.
The 2019 P&C executive members are as follows:
  • President: Gabe Bullis
  • Vice President: Kelly Ogden
  • Secretary: Christina Baxter
  • Treasurer: Lyn Topp

P&C sub-committees

The P&C Sub-committees have been established to benefit the stakeholders of the Kallangur State School Community. Each sub-committee has a Convener/Manager or Chairperson who reports directly to the P&C Executive on a regular basis. Below is a list of the endorsed sub committees with a brief description of their role within the P&C.

Uniform Shop, Tuckshop

The Kallangur State School P&C manages the financial and business operations of the P&C, in particular the Kallangur uniform shop and Tuckshop. To contact our shop convener Helen, email: or ph.  34915345

Klub Kallangur –OSHC

The Kallangur state school P & C oversees the management of a very successful outside school hours care facility. We are very proud to say that Klub Kallangur has been rated as Exceeding in the national Quality standard and is governed as a P&C subcommittee.

For more information Please contact our Manager/Coordinator: Marion Crow on 38862122 or email

To find out more about being involved in with the P&C. please email . We look forward to hearing from you.

P&C Minutes

AGM Minutes 2018 (PDF, 136KB)

Last reviewed 25 November 2019
Last updated 25 November 2019