Computers and technology


Kallangur State School has a number of Digital Technologies rooms that support learning across the campus. The Resource Centre includes a Digital Discovery Lab which is home base to the many and varied digital experiences that take place.  This includes computers, iPads, robotics, drones, animation programs, virtual reality and a wide range of new technologies that are being added on an ongoing basis.

IPad Progam

Kallangur is extending the delivery of digital programs beyond particular rooms and into the whole school.  We operate a number of classes where iPads are available to students on a one-to-one basis and there are also sets of year-level iPads available for use across each of the years.

The aim of the one-to-one iPad Program is to foster and support high quality teaching and learning in a digital learning environment.  It strongly encourages the students to explore, create, problem-solve, evaluate and innovate in a connected world.  The whole school actively uses and promotes digital technology in ways that are purposeful, engaging and intrinsically linked to curriculum.  Access to iPads and other digital devices support quality teaching practice and assist to maximise student learning outcomes.  The iPad Program at Kallangur State School provides opportunities for students to access information and tools and work at a high level to transform information beyond previous boundaries and to create and share in the modern digital world.

Students will use their device for a range of purposes throughout all stages of learning such as planning and researching, applying and deepening knowledge, reflecting, evaluating and sharing.  It is not expected that these devices will be in constant use nor replace the important need for students to learn to read and write using more traditional forms.  As with other teaching and learning tools in our school, the devices will be used to extend and enrich the learning experience.

The program aligns with the DET Digital Strategy that aims for better educational outcomes through improved delivery of high quality, cost effective, contemporary ICT.  This strategy encourages schools to ‘Engage Minds and Empower Futures’ .    We believe our iPad program meets this criteria.

Why iPads?

iPads have been selected as our device of choice for our ongoing program as they are very accessible for our students, are very durable, and do not present a security risk to our network infrastructure.  Wireless access to DET’s filtered Managed Internet Service is possible ensuring excellent security for students and seamless integration with existing network processes. A wide range of versatile apps are available to support all areas of curriculum. Students are able to create a diverse range of high quality digital content with the apps available.  IPads are also suitable for younger students as there are no frustrating login problems with them - one swipe and it is on and ready to use.  The devices are also mobile, being lightweight and portable. 

For more information on our iPad program, please contact us.
Last reviewed 12 December 2019
Last updated 12 December 2019