​​​​​​​​Preparatory enrolment

Prep is the first year of school and provides the foundation for your child's education. It is now a compulsory year of schooling. It is a full-time program with children attending each day from Monday to Friday during the normal school hours of 8:30am to 2:30pm.

To be considered for enrolment at Kallangur State School please view the Department's Prep ready reckoner calculator to determine when your child can commence their preparatory year.

Kallangur State School has an enrolment management plan. Enrolment priority is given to students whose principal place of residence is within the school's catchment area. Current proof of residency is required.

Students from outside the catchment, can be accepted if they meet one of the set criteria or space permits and the Principal approves the application.

Uniforms can be purchased at the Kallangur State School P and C shop. The school shop is open on a number of days. Please contact us for details of times.

Prep enrolments for 2024

We offer a number of parent information sessions and pre-prep programs to support families with the transition to school. Below is a list of the programs we offer at Kallangur State School. If you have any queries or questions, please contact us or Email

Prep 2024 Information Open Morning

Our Prep 2024 Information morning will be held on Saturday, 27th May, 2023 at 9.00am.   We are now offering the LEAD Expo sometime in Term 3 from 2.30pm to showcase our school. Please follow our Facebook page for more information closer to the date. ​

Prep 2024 Parent Workshops

Due to a number of factors the Workshops will be available via our YouTube channel.  Parents who register their child/ren for enrolment will be sent out the links to each of the videos at the start of Term 4.

Preparing my child for Prep

This workshop is designed to help parents prepare their child for prep in 2023.

Speech Language Pathology

This workshop explores the developmental expectations for oral language and speech. 

Occupational Therapy & Special Education

This workshop focuses on fine and gross motor physical skills. Discussing things such as - Is my child on track with running, balancing, ball catching, holding a pencil and grip strength? Does my child have sensory issues? Do they seek or avoid certain sensory information? 

Guidance Officer - The Brain and learning

This workshop focuses on parenting and learning with the brain in mind.

Early literacy

This workshop focuses on early literacy, from oral language and vocabulary to reading and writing. 

Prep 2024 Interviews


Interviews commence towards the end of Term 3, 2023 for Prep 2024. If you live in-catchment please attend the Open Day or contact us after the Open Day, to place your name on the booking list and collect an enrolment package. Once registered we will be in contact to arrange a suitable time for your interview.

Out of Catchment

Please complete the out of catchment application form (PDF, 486KB). Registrations for the out-of-catchment list will open on Monday 29th May, 2023 at 7am. Please bring a completed out of catchment application form (PDF, 486KB) with you. We will notify you late in Term 4, 2023 if we are able to accommodate your enrolment.


If you are contacted for an interview, parents will be required for a 30 minute group interview with one of the leadership team to complete their child's enrolment. During this interview, children will complete a simple screener and the school collects this valuable information to help us allocate the appropriate teachers to cater for the needs of each student. We will also gather any important information needed to ensure your child has a successful start at school. Each child enrolling in Prep for 2024 must attend an interview prior to starting at Kallangur State School.


Last reviewed 31 January 2023
Last updated 31 January 2023